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Movie Idea (with electric vehicles and drag racing?)

[ May 13, 2018 ] tags: movie-ideas, electric-rage

I have been thinking lately about what could be a really fun and nerdy movie to watch, I’ll just post what I came up without thinking much about it :)

“Electric Rage”

(suggested name)

ER would be a movie about a group of friends which got hooked up in high school with electrical engineering, and started building electric go karts for fun.

The movie would be set when they are around 24, some mildly successful, one of them got pretty lucky with bitcoin, and they start building cars, there would be some members on the team now.

There’s Lukas, he’s the guy which made the money with the happy especulation, and since a year and half he has been making around more than thousand a day, just of passive income, still living like his normal life, and thinking wasting “like all the rich guys” is boring, quickly decides he wants to do something fancier, and brings this with his “friend team”.

His closest friends are Max, which is the “older guy” of the team, he’s currently 25, and has been researching on lithium batteries lately, currently working for a close university; Wolf (24), the electronics guy of the team, his passion has been programming and electronics, and has been working with factory robots.

Wolf’s brother, Erik, always pretty close to the team, is the youngest (23), he’s been into physics and chemistry in general, doing weird shit in the family backyard.

Erik’s girlfriend, Noemi (25) is more of a mechanical engineering kind, she’s quite a tomboy, and loves hacking engines, and is pretty curious about the “electric vehicle thing” his boyfriend has.

They often meetup every once in a while, to eat something and talk about what they did, some of them still live with their family, mostly to save money and save for their experiments, minus Lukas, he’s living on his own house, still close to his friends.

(This allows for a lot more of thought, there are many details, and “characters to add”, like everybody’s family, other girlfriend, or a boyfriend, etc)

The first scene would be with Lukas, Max and Wolf eating some pizzas, and discussing about which projects they are working, and Lukas quickly says he’s got to the point where he doesn’t know what to do with his money, but it is still not enough to buy the world, the team decides they cannot do it alone, and get Noemi and Erik hooked, and they start building and designing cars in their free time, Lukas tells the team he’s going to leave 10k a month for the team.

The team starts buying stuff, and Lukas’ house got a pretty neat garage, they start buying equipment, and start filling everything, in 4 months, the team is getting their first design “implemented”, they quickly build the chassis, with ultra light materials, within the budget constraints, over two months, they built their first car, it’s a bit slow, but it can reach 140km/h, the range is pretty crap, and with this they decide they need to start doing this seriously, otherwise the results will always be “crap” (Erik and Noemi are super excited about it, their goals weren’t as high).

They quickly start research on motor techniques, Max and Wolf team up to design the ultimate battery system, they want more current out of it, they know the “shitty” batteries they bought will not be enough as-is, Noemi and Erik start improving on the efficiency…

In another 8 months, the car they have always wanted, starts becoming a thing, it’s incredibly expensive, but it can reach 290km/h, the drag is just like the simulations, they have cooling systems put in place, they decide they want to test it, and quickly try to get into racing, it simply beats the competition, the system provides acceleration to kill “anything that moves”, as they claim…

… when this happens, they happen to “annoy” the guys which held the racing records around, and the word quickly spreads, Vincent (the current record holder), sets them up into a race, not knowing the trouble they got into, they are overly optimistic, and race a first time casually against them, winning.

Vincent’s team starts building the biggest car they ever built, they claim that was a test car to see how real that “fancy toy” was, hearing about this, the team also gets into the car design, they improve the efficiency a slightly bit but still believe they’re going to win.

The race between Vincent’s “Bloody Beast” (as the crowd chants) and the team’s car (or how they call them, “Scorpyo”), the rest of the team come around with their first car, modified, with the new knowledge gained by their second car, bringing a backup battery.

A few minutes before they actually race, Vincent says whoever wins this race gets the losers’ car, the team look at each other and start feeling nervous.

Lukas gets closer to Vincent and says “I would sure like your car”, and that he will drive the car this time.

The race is starting, this time it’s longer, Lukas is confident on the batteries, they should give some extra time if needed, he quickly boots the system, checks the security system, and looks at the voltage booster, the team tried it once, acceleration greatly improved but they had to rebuild the security system, it simply couldn’t handle the heat.

The race starts, Scorpyo is simply beating the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) at first, but Vincent’s quickly topping it, and gets dangerously close to the team’s car, when Vincent’s surpass Scorpyo, Lukas quickly decides it’s all-or-nothing, and boosts the V, 5%, the system still works, temps slowly go up, the team see it on their tablet, “Fuck, no”, the team gets even more nervous, they simply see the voltage boosting, and temps increasing, but they can do nothing about it.

Lukas and Vincent are head-to-head, Lukas boost the voltage, the temps simply start getting out of control, and the emergency liquid nitrogen system starts up, the team simply throw the tablet and Max says “he’s going to kill himself, the car isn’t that important, fuck it”.

Lukas boost the V by 40%, the system can barely handle it, the cooling reserves are dangerously low, 50% and going down faster, the system starts misbehaving, some temps reading simply fuck up.

The system simply shutdowns milliseconds before the race is over, and Scorpyo wins.

Lukas gets out of the car, and the team quickly goes to “rant” at him for risking his life, saying we never pushed the safety systems that far.

Vincent gets out of the car and goes to Lukas, and accepts defeat, his expression is filled with rage, and sadness, he lost against the new designs, new technology, his old mechanical knowledge is becoming outdated.

Vincent promptly claims he wants to get into this, hands the Beast’s key to Lukas, which promptly gives them back to Vincent and answers charmly “We might be able to do something together, you’ll have to pay for the batteries though”.

In the meantime, the rest of the team discuss about the sensor reports, and how the temp is down but 70% of the batteries are dead, claiming the remaining only have a few kWh left of charge.

During this, they hear the cops, and somebody quickly screams OUT OUT OUT, and everybody starts getting into their cars, Noemi goes with Lukas on Scorpyo, the rest of the team gets in their old car, Vincent takes his car.

Scorpyo’s system are barely working, but they still cramp some power, the engine is so overpowered, going at 100km/h on a random road is no problem, the warnings about the battery system are all over the dashboard, Lukas quickly switches places with Noemi, which drives while Lukas disassembles the module packs, and finds some burned controllers, he gets his gloves and starts disabling the broken modules, he calls the rest of the team, and says they have to switch batteries, we cannot go more than a few more kilometers this way, Scorpyo system fallbacks into power saving mode and the engine power gets capped, the rest of the team hand the batteries to Lukas, breaking a controller accidentaly, Lukas knows the controller of the current module is still working, but he needs to get it, and powering off the car means they’ll get closer to the police, and they will lose control.

He takes it live, some capacitors create an arc, and his fingers get burnt, the car goes off, with the adrenaline rush, he quickly gets the controller on the backup batteries, and the car works again, the team turn around a corner, lukas lays on the chair, Noemi worried, asks, and Lukas says he’s fine, and that there’s nothing they cannot handle later.

The team now get escape the cops, and are now in their garage, they know they’re in deep shit, but they know they can use Vincent’s contacts to stay safe.

The team is talking about what they did, they don’t believe it, and Lukas is now feeling the pain, and third-degreee burns on his hands, in one moment, he gets close to falling and Max holds him, Noemi gets the first aid kit and they start treating him.