Esteban I. Ruiz Moreno

contact details
email me at exio4 dot xyz

UADER - Licenciate in Information Systems 2014-
UADER - Physics oriented to Teaching 2017-

academic experience
Teaching Assistant - Discrete Mathematics 2016

IPoIRC Generic system to create network links between computers, currently supporting IRC and raw TCP sockets as backends
letvezi Top-down space shooter, with bonuses, highscores and other typical features
devil Lua daemon server, with some concurrency primitives implemented (PoC)

things I have worked on
Cryptocurrency trading bot, backend/frontend nodejs, express, react, redux
Typing an existing JS codebase nodejs, react, redux, flow
Arduino soft-realtime projects and interfaces to deal with them C++, Qt
Minetest, optimizing the physics engine, improving unicode support C++
SWIG, partially implementing Duktape JS support C++

things I like to play with
Haskell, C++, Kinematics, Category Theory